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The Inspired CEO Bliss Retreats
 Feb. 19-21, 2016 Costa Rica VIP Days - Epic Eco-Tour & Service Experience
 Feb. 23 -28th Costa Rica Visioning Retreat &  Special Global Music Experience     SOLD OUT
Oct. 1-9th
VIP Days - Bali Bliss
November 11-12, 2016

Santa Barbara American Riviera Women Entrepreneur of the Year Awards & 
Wisdom Keepers Workshop  * Inquire about Women Economic Forum Add On
December 9-13, 2016
Kauai Wild Woman Retreat                                                                                 (Women Only)
Jan. 1 2017
''New Years Day Visioning                                                                           

March 19 -March 26, 2017
March 2017 Dates TBA
Bali Bliss  
Bali VIP Days                                                                                                           (Co-Ed)
Cambodia Service Tour

May 1-5, 2017
May 7-13

Goa India VIP Days
Inspired CEO Global Garden Retreat, New Delhi
May 28 -June 19, 2017- Paris in Bloom   
Paris VIP Day, European Adventure ~ Cannes, Monte Carlo, Paris & Italy   - The Ultimate Getaway      (Co-Ed)
May 27 - 28 2017 Special Women's Event & Inspirique Awards- Monaco
August 1, 2017

Sept.. 1, 2017
Santa Barbara Refresh & Renew ~Women Living in Bliss Retreat                              (Women Only)

ARWEY Beverly Hills Mastermind 

The Ultimate in Personal Development & Business Retreats. How would it feel to travel to incredible locations all over the world learning from Masters in their field and be surrounded by like-minded people who live life full out?

Each experience is designed to transport you along a path of personal rejuvenation and transformation in your business and life. We offer business and personal transformational experiences that allow you to break away from your daily routine and be enlightened and inspired to live your best life.

At Inspired CEO Retreats you'll experience a 1 Day VIP session where we focus on the one area that will most serve and uplevel your business, project or life. You will get more done in one day than you would during a week at home working alone or at the office. Experience the exponential power of the mastermind session and individual laser focus your highest desire. Your VIP Day is a first class experience with results that go beyond the immediate insights, and clarity to create lasting change. 

The group of people who come together  are nothing short of AMAZING!  You will meet  entrepreneurs, professionals transitioning,  executives,  industry leaders and thought leaders. The Inspired CEO retreats creates the space for like hearted people to come together and share a beautiful journey together  with those who are passionate about making a difference in the world.  Many partnerships, co-creations, joint ventures and priceless friendships have been established. You will return ready to unleash your gifts in a even more meaningful way.

                                            Blissful Retreats
It Seems counterintuitive, play more, feel better and actually get more done, but it's true!  Somewhere along the way, the work ethic which was balanced with time for family, spiritual and physical needs got twisted into do more to stay ahead and now, do more just to keep up. Inspired CEO Retreats brings back the balance with the play as work philosophy. Our minds and body confirm for us that when we make room for more creativity and full expression, when we are fully charged, we create the opportunity to live our bliss . Where flipping the switch on the thought that something we truly desire will be "hard work" but if we stick with it, someday we will accomplish the desired goal. Our "somedays" are today and we invite you to "play easy" and journey with us.

Our retreats have taken us all over the world and we consider it a honor to experience another culture. We're mindful of respecting  and appreciating rituals from our fellow global citizens. With that in mind, we embrace and incorporate activities that involve a non-tourist experiences where you connect with locals in a more personal way through workshops, events and specially arranged experiences. We seek out ways to balance your mind, body and spirit and enhance your personal and business life.

We welcome you whether you come looking for direction, an adventurous getaway of a lifetime, peace and tranquility or business support. Whatever your reason, we look forward to being of service and providing the best practices and methodologies.

Join us in living the dream awake!

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